ZNAPD programme for democracy and inclusion, ZNAPD D&I

WHAT: The CoRe programme supports ZNAPD as the biggest Zambian organization of people with physical disabilities on three levels. The project improves the fundraising and communication skills of the ZNAPD central office, at the provincial level, five local offices have been founded in different provinces in Zambia; and at the branch level, local groups operating in villages are being helped to start small food-security and income -generating projects.

WHY: Positive attitudes towards people with disabilities are fostered through local awareness campaigns. ZNAPD has also collected more accurate data on its members which helps when searching new donors. The resources ZNAPD is gaining in the project helps all its members.

HOW: Each local group receives specific training. Overall, fifteen project have been launched in varous parts of Zambia, including pig-farming and bee-keeping.

PARTNER ORGANISATION: The project is implemented by Zambia’s greatest disability organization ZNAPD.

COORDINATION AND INFORMATION: Laura Poussa, laura.poussa(at)invalidiliitto.fi