Towards Inclusive Vocational Training in Zanzibar

WHAT: This project aims to open access for young people with intellectual disabilities to vocational training.

WHY: So far, vocational training has not been possible in Zanzibar.

HOW: FAIDD, Inclusion Finland FDUV, and KVTL started a new development cooperation project in Zanzibar, Tanzania at the beginning of 2017. Zanzibar is an autonomous area in Sub-Saharan Africa and consists of two islands. There are 1,3 million inhabitants in the area of which, according to official statistics, 9,3 % are persons with disabilities.

The new project is a pilot. In addition, the project will raise awareness about special needs of people with intellectual disabilities and speech impairments. Also, it will focus on struggle against sexual abuse faced especially by girls and women with disabilities. The local partner of the project is the organization of persons with intellectual disabilities and their parents ZAPDD.

The project belongs to the Finnish Disability Partnership Programme funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

COORDINATOR AND INFORMATION: FAIDD, Sisko Rauhala, sisko.rauhala(at)