Program for Independence and Economic Empowerment of Mobility Challenged People – PIEE

WHAT: The project provides vocational, business and marketing training for persons with physical disabilities and supports their small income generation businesses established through a micro-loan in the first phase of the project.

WHY: In Ethiopia persons with physical disabilities are often considered as unable to provide living for themselves or their families. With tailored training and business support persons with disabilities will be able to earn a living for them and their families.

HOW: Project aims to increase the vocational and small business skills of people with mobility disabilities in Addis Ababa and to enable them to be self-employed and economically more independent. The project benefits the mobility disabled people who are trained and their family members and/or friends.

PARTNER ORGANISATION: The project is implemented by VAMCPAA (Voluntary Association of Mobility Challenged People in Addis Ababa) in collaboration with the city of Addis Abeba. The project is in line with the Addis Abeba city employment policy targeting poor and unemployed citizen. Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities provides expertize in promotion of accessibility of the build environment, in international networking of Vamcpaa and in some extent also in promotion of inclusion of vocational training system and colleges in Ethiopia.

COORDINATION AND INFORMATION: Laura Poussa, laura.poussa(at)