Human Rights and Independent Living in BiH

WHAT: The project supports disabled peoples information center Lotos and DPO Partner’s organizational capacity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

WHY: In Bosnia and Herzegovina many disabled person is in risk to miss out on education and possibilities to influence their own lives. The more the disabled people learn to know their rights in the information center and have an inspiration to become an activist for the organization the more the organization grows and has better opportunities to do advocacy for the disabled. It is vital to influence regional and legislative issues in both the Federal and entity levels of Bosnian system. It is an added value that people from all entities and Srpska cooperate under this umbrella.

HOW: The project benefits directly disabled people who are attending the trainings at the center and indirectly whole disabled population.

PARTNER ORGANISATION: The project is implemented by disabled people’s information center Lotos and DPO Partner.

COORDINATION AND INFORMATION: Tuomas Tuure, tuomas.tuure(at)