Empowering women with disabilities in Ethiopia

WHAT: The project supports women with disabilities in Ethiopia to gain livelihood.

WHY: In Ethiopia women with disabilities often do not have the opportunity to attend school because of multifactorial societal discrimination. Uneducated and unemployed women with disabilities are often trapped in poverty.

HOW: Trainings provide women with disabilities the opportunity for livelihood. Peer support aims to improve the self-esteem of women with disabilities. Positive attitudinal change towards women with disabilities in the society has an impact on the parents of the disabled women as well and more womenThe project aims to also assess the needs of the EWDNA regional branches and increase their capacity to promote inclusion of women with disabilities in the regions. The project benefits women with disabilities.

PARTNER ORGANISATION: The project is implemented by Ethiopian Women with Disability National Association (EWDNA).

COORDINATION AND INFORMATION: Veera Pensala, veera.pensala(at)kynnys.fi