Empowering the Deafblind in Ethiopia

WHAT: The project contributes to the improvement of the position of the deafblind population of Ethiopia through improved awareness, stronger recognition, increased opportunities and enhanced capacity of ENABD.

WHY: Deafblindness is a extremely new concept in Ethiopia and the deafblind people are in the weakest position amongst the PWDs since they have not participated in the historical tradition of NGO field with either deaf or blind individuals and have been disenfranchised from both beneficiary fields. Especially deafblind youth are in a weak position since their social circle is often restricted to relatives.

HOW: When the position of ENABD is stabilized it will reach more deafblind people in the country. The project benefits first and foremost the deafblind and their relatives, who are getting peer support and information with vocational training that provides tools for self-sufficiency.

PARTNER ORGANISATION: The project is implemented by local organization for the deafblind ENABD, which was established in 2010 by deafblind individuals and has since expanded to two regions.

COORDINATION AND INFORMATION: Tuomas Tuure, tuomas.tuure(at)kynnys.fi