Our work

Our work in developing countries aims to strengthen the capacity of our partners, the local Disabled People’s Organizations. We support them to improve the living conditions and participation of Persons with Disabilities in their own countries. All work is based on the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Disability Partnership Finland currently supports 15 ongoing projects.

We take a Human Rights Based Approach to development. The main focus is on developing the basic operations of our partner organisations. Strengthening the organisations’ skills in democratic governance, leadership and strategic planning and monitoring form the basis for  sustainable results.

Many projects also aim to create best practises for formal and informal education which will enhance the skills and promote the employment of Persons with Disabilities. Created practises will be handed over to the legally responsible bodies – the state and the municipalities – as soon as they have capacity to take over the budgetary and organisational responsibility of the activities.

Our partner organisations in developing countries are encouraged to do advocacy and lobbying towards decision makers so that the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities will be considered in all decision making.

Based on the values of Disability Partnership Finland, we respect the independence of the partner organisations. We give space and time to peer support and peer learning. We value long term cooperation. Minor setbacks are tolerated and used as learning experiences for the future.

The development cooperation programme of Disability Partnership Finland receives 92,5% of its funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

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Development Cooperation Programme of Disability Partnership Finland 2016-21 (docx-file, opens in a new tab)