Deaf Empowerment and Awareness in Cambodia

WHAT: The project locates young deaf people who previously haven’t gotten chance to educate or support themselves, and provides them access to education, livelihood and the Deaf community.

WHY: 97 % of the deaf in Cambodia have never learned any language, gotten to school or met another deaf person. The deaf in Cambodia are usually dependent on their family and they live on the edge of family life and the society.

HOW: By supporting deaf education, sign language and the Deaf community together with raising deaf awareness in the society, the Deaf community is able to advocate for equal human rights for the Deaf and sign language users. The project benefits the deaf entering civil society for the first time and their relatives.

PARTNER ORGANISATION: The project is implemented together with Maryknoll Cambodia which is an American organization under which the Deaf Development Programme has operated since 2002.

COORDINATION AND INFORMATION: Katarina Butera, katarina.butera(at)