ANAD Advocacy, Organisational and Interpreter Training Project

WHAT: The project supports advocacy skills of the Albanian national association of the deaf (ANAD) through trainings and the developing of the Albanian sign language.

WHY: In Albania the deaf don’t have equal opportunities for participation compared to the hearing population.

HOW: By improving the advocacy skills of ANAD it can participate more efficiently in the legislation and secure the position of the deaf better. By developing Albanian sign language the deaf population’s ability to communicate improves and for example the parents of deaf children became more aware about the culture of deaf and its meaning. The project benefits ANAD and all the deaf and their relatives within its realm and, moreover, social and educational officers.

PARTNER ORGANISATION: The project will be implemented by Albanian national association of the Deaf (ANAD).

COORDINATION AND INFORMATION: Inkeri Lahtinen, inkeri.lahtinen(at)